July 31, 2012

New internship

Today I started as an intern at 1821 and it is crazy. I listen to the the production company in the other room try and find scripts, discuss actors and etc.
I got lost on my way to a bank run and then when I got back he gave me a smile like yes I gave you wrong directions.
Now at lunch. He just gave me a card and said go to lunch!
Very interesting for my first day.

July 28, 2012


My life you know has always been crazy and unique.  I have an internship right now that I just started and need to read a book then write about what my thoughts are and etc.
Well I first noticed the email on the movie set that I'm working on right now and thought the title Saturday night windows was weird but what ever.  Late last night I got home and printed it out...I can't read on the computer plus I wanted to highlight things.  So after printing a little over 300 pages of paper I crawled in to bed and started to read ( yes after a long day on set at it almost 11 pm) When I was reading there was a weird thing...the word widow was in there...The name of the book is Saturday night Widows not windows :)
So lets say so far I'm hooked and you know I don't really read books.  However not sure if it is the subject or it is really good only on chapter 3.  but that is far for me.


Hi guys. I finally dowloaded the app so I will blog more. I'm never home and time to write is rare but there is so much to share!