October 30, 2009

day 109

Here are some photos of what excatly I'm living in. Hope you all have a great Halloween - I'm skipping it this year but next year watch out it will be 4 years since I celebrated Halloween.

Bathroom wall
Living room

October 29, 2009

bonus post

Yesterday was so productive I thought I would share with you some of it.

I had my first genius appointment at the apple store to fix little things on my computer. You think the guys there are computer geeks but they really liked my laptop case which is coach. The other guy commented on how he liked my lap top that I have never been able to use cause I couldn't figure out how to get my wireless to work. (that comment is a computer geek thing)

I am very happy to say that I just configured my wireless router to work. Can you believe it I can't. I also fixed the dishwasher but I have done that before so that is not a big deal.

Also yesterday the Salvation Army came and picked up some household and clothing items I do not need anymore. Yes I need a special pick up from the truck for all the stuff I donated, lets not share that with too many people. Joe's family kept eyeing all the stuff in the garage.

I also finally found a bedding that I like and will go with my new painting. I hope it just isn't too much but I'm going to try it because I really like the bedding.

Lastly the Preliminary court case was supposed to be yesterday and today but they need more time again. (meaning Valencia's lawyers) Thank god I didn't decided to fly out there last minute, but my friend Teri went there for me and I felt really bad that she drove there and it was delayed.

The other thing is I have a new DA on the case, not sure why they said they rotate every now and them and they rotated now. I did talk to him yesterday and he sound a little more stable than the other one let's just say that.

OHHH I also just joined Netflix's can't wait till my movies start arriving. My second movie to arrive it the one about Valentino.

day 108

This is how I spent my last day in California before flying to Minneapolis. After the ride of Silence for Joe I went to the Art fair. It was a fun day and Foxy was even allowed.

Desserts at a local Mexican bakery

My first Tamale! it was really good.

A taco stand set up outside a Mexican grocery store

My taco's - my friend Teri said she has never seen me eat so much as that day. I need to get my fill of really good Mexican food before I left.

I finally saw the cowboy walk of fame - I lived there 7 months and never could find it.

Foxy not interested in my walk of fame excitement she just wanted to keep walking.

More sidewalk artist - even though I saw this in Santa Monica it still fascinates me

Foxy's favorite chalk drawing

October 28, 2009

day 107

OK here is my before and after of my new fence. It took a while because the weather has sucked around here and I couldn't take a good photo of the fence. Tuesday was a beautiful day here and that is what an October day should be not that white stuff.

As for the rest of the house you are going to have to wait till it is completed trust me the before and after photos will be worth it.

Old Fence with pile of the vines that we had to cut off the fence.
Another pile of vines - what you can't see is the fence on the other side is painted a turquoise green color.
viola! A new fence
What I didn't know is that it isn't stained...staining party in the spring any volunteers?

Entrance way

The special built in feature - a Foxy window

October 27, 2009

day 106

Sorry for the late blog today...here are some photos from the ride of silence in LA. I totally forgot I have some picturces on my camera that I forgot to download.

Before the ride
All the riders - taken from the sheriff SUV I was in.
Going up the road by our house. I do miss looking at the California mountains everyday.

October 26, 2009

Day 104 & 105

Anne and I got some things accomplished this weekend and we also had one day of me showing her the sites. I have some of Joe's clothes all bagged up and I did contact a organization that might take his dress clothes. I'm just waiting to hear from them.

The painter saga goes on...he will not be coming today Monday because he is sick. Remember I was sick as a dog last week and he must have caught it some how. My voice is still werid not as bad as before but not quite my own.

I'm will to take bets as what day is is completely finished or what day this week if any he shows up. That being said I did have a chance to mop up some more of the white dust that is coating my floor and everything else.

October 23, 2009

day 103

I have some more company coming this weekend and my house is still in shambles.  I can't get anything put away till I get the house painted.  I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record about this but it has been like this since the 5th of Oct.  

I'm not sure if any of you have see the movie or read the book  P.S. I love you.  I splurged on cable and got HBO thinking that this winter I'm not leaving the house.  Anyway I saw this movie the other night and cried through the whole movie.  The movie is about a girl who's husband dies but for the next year he sends her letters and presents.  I know Kate I'm suppose to be watching funny moves but it there were funny parts that I totally could see happing to me...  

Not that this is the same thing but I got Joe's new delta card in the mail and it stated becasue he is such a loyal customer he can pick a special gift from Tiffany's.  So I went to the web site and picked out a nice 10 1/2 inch high crystal vase.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  

October 22, 2009

day 102

Sorry for my lack of blogging - between the cable people taking there sweet time and the painter unhooking my Internet to paint in the office (yes I just bought a laptop but I can't get the wireless to work) and I have been in bed for the past 2 days.  hope that is good excuse for you all.  

The move went o.k. I got the good from LA but I'm missing the crystals for my chandelier (major problem) missing some jeans and a coat.  The storage crap most of it I gave to a charity called bridging and I have more than 20 some boxes that the salvation army is coming to pick up.  Not to mention finally Joe's mom is happy because I gave the family a load.   

Seriously when did the family members start asking for stuff I always thought the person still living decided when and who got stuff.  Not in that family!

Also today I did take some before photos of my house but my painter is a little slow so I don't know when it will all be done until then I'm calling my house "forecloser Chic" 

October 21, 2009

day 101

This is from the same people that did the no pant subway ride in NYC.  They really are fun people and just want to share.  

October 19, 2009

day I don't know

So the craziness has settled down a bit...I just got my internet up and running again and lets not forget about the cable.  It only took comcast 3 times to get it hooked up running.  

If you can belive it I'm sick too.  I have so much organizing yet to do and I just feel like crawling in bed.  

October 11, 2009

day 88,89 & 90

Im taking a couple days off to get all my boxes unpacked and organize the house. Not to mention the internet and cable get hooked up on Thursday.

Did I mention I woke up to snow on the ground on Saturday. Let's just say the words out of my mouth were not pretty.

October 8, 2009

day 87

all moved in not unpacked yet though. Trying to set up cable is a nightmare and Minnesotan's drive worst than LA drivers. Yes you read that right the Minnesotan drive like crazy people.

October 7, 2009

day 87

Me and Bob Santaella at the bike ride
Here is an article that was in the paper about Saturday's ride. This photo above was on the front page.
Joseph Novotny, 43, had only lived for a short while in Santa Clarita Valley before his life was cut short by an alleged drunk driver.

But judging by the numbers of people who bicycled across Valencia and Newhall in his memory Saturday, Novotny had already impacted the lives of many - whether he knew them well or not - since his move to Stevenson Ranch in December.

"Joe had a huge impact because of the person that he was," said Bob Santaella, a cyclist who was with Novotny when he died. "He was so outgoing, always had a smile on his face and was a very, very experienced cyclist."

On July 11, an allegedly drunk Canyon Country driver killed Novotny and injured two others when his truck plowed into a group of cyclists on Bouquet Canyon Road, California Highway Patrol officials said.

On Saturday morning, about 175 bicyclists took off down Citrus Street, near the Westfield Valencia Town Center. Only the clicking sound of spinning bicycle wheels and pedals could be heard as the cyclists rode the "Memorial Ride of Silence" at 10 to 12 miles per hour.

Novotny's widow, Jill Kantos, rode in a sheriff's car escorting the cyclists down Magic Mountain Parkway to Railroad Avenue, up Lyons Avenue, across Stevenson Ranch Parkway and back down Magic Mountain Parkway to Citrus Street.

"I was just overwhelmed that people would take time out of their day to remember Joe," said Kantos, who is coping with her husband's death "day by day." Kantos moves back to the couple's native Minneapolis today to be closer to family.

Those who cycled along the 12-mile ride, hosted by the city of Santa Clarita and Santa Clarita Velo club, hoped their visual presence and escort by law enforcement vehicles would remind drivers of cyclists' rights to the road.

"We're hoping it will be positive," said Irene Johnson, president of the Velo cycling club. "As more of us get on the road, we hope it will increase awareness that we have a right to share the road."

As members of Velo know, taking a ride is not always a positive experience in itself.

In 2006, the club's Tony Estrin was riding along Sierra Highway when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver. Years prior to that, cyclist Chuck Pontius lost his life in a collision.

"I think everyone of us has been honked at, yelled at - some people have had stuff thrown at them," said Michael Angulo, a Canyon County member of Velo. "The fact that so many of us are on the road at the same time will bring awareness to the local community that the road isn't just for cars."

Angulo's employer, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, lost its vice president, Larry McQuien, after a cycling accident in Texas this week.

While a majority of the riders Saturday were members of Velo, cyclists came from as far as Burbank and Los Angeles to participate.

"Every one of us knows that anytime we mount up, it could be us," said Mark Jenkins, of Burbank, who rode with a group of non-local cyclists.

"The laws of physics say we lose, (cyclists) have no chance when you have a bike against a motor," he said. "So we have to get along. We have to coexist."

But when the driver turns out to apparently be drunk, that's when even the most avid of cyclists said they start to think: "It could have been me."

Novotny had bicycled ever since "he was a little boy," Kantos said.

The Minnesota native had won a couple of Minneapolis mountain bike races in his division and biked every weekend for two years while living in Brussels, Belgium. Last winter, Novotny moved with his wife to Stevenson Ranch for a management position with a liquid-filtration company.

Novotny had joined the Velo club not too long before his death. Those who rode with Novotny in Velo described him as an experienced and strong rider.

"I think anyone who usually rides up toward the front is usually noticed," said Velo member Steve Schlosser, of Stevenson Ranch.

"He gained the respect of some of the senior faster riders."

The man accused of killing Novotny, 21-year-old Marco Valencia, is charged with 12 felony counts for murder, gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, felony hit-and-run and other charges.

He is set to appear in San Fernando Superior Court on Oct. 28 for a preliminary hearing.

Valencia, who had two previous DUI convictions prior to the July crash, could face life in prison if convicted.

day 86

yesterday I linned my kitchen cupboards and finalized the paint choices no going back now. My floors look amazing! The fence people are starting Wednesday now tuesday was too rainy.

Also go a flu shot...ouch!

Foxy got a new sweather it is so cold here she need one now. it really wasn't just an excuss to buy her one. :)

October 5, 2009

day 84 & 85

I'm back in Minnesota...my flight was ok, the weather is yucky and foxy is not happy at all.

Monday I went to the house and did a ton of yard work with the help of Bob and Loraine. Yes I know Kate you wanted to do it but it was a lot needed to be done before the fence people come on tuesday to set the pole for my new fence - that is if the rain stops. Kate the leaves are still on my trees if that make you smile.

I also finalized colors for the inside of the house. I'm changing it up a little hopefully it will all come together.

October 2, 2009

Day 83

Getting ready for tomorrow's ride of silence for Joe.  Then Sunday I'm on a plane to Minneapolis.  I think I might take monday off.  

October 1, 2009

day 82

The move is done and I'm taking today off.