August 30, 2011


Have a giggle today

August 26, 2011


I have this new friend Anna - she is in my pilates class and I call her my Brazillian bomb shell. She is the same one that is 40 and engaged to a 29 year old guy. (who I have now met and he is really nice and good to her)

Last wednesday we went for lunch and then a walk. She is so insightful I just love asking her life questions. This one thing made a lot of sense to me.

Partners push us to make us better - that is why we need them and should not be alone. I got to thinking about this I alway knew that I made Joe a better person and vice versa. Then I thought about the dates I have been on since November. The ones I have liked and most of the ones this go around have made me push myself. example one made me motivated to get joe's frequent flyer miles in my account. One has made me take a bike ride and I'm still working on getting other paper work done. I would have not done any of these things with out a little push. It is different than a friend pushing you.

More from out walk later...

August 25, 2011


Lately I have been asked if I'm adventurous. Or what adventurous thing have you done? Well I always thought meant crazy outdoor stuff, not sure why but I did. So I never thought I was adventours cause I don't want to jump out a plane or camp :)

Even though lately people called me that word I just never thought it was me.

Definition of ADVENTUROUS

1 a : disposed to seek adventure or to cope with the new and unknown
b : innovative

2: characterized by unknown dangers and risks
— ad·ven·tur·ous·ly adverb
— ad·ven·tur·ous·ness noun

After reading the definition of the word - I believe I'm the most adventurous person! take that you people that jump out of planes - that only last a little while however my life is one be adventure daily.

Let think I traveled LA, NYC and europe alone (unknow dangers and risks)
Dating (new and unknown with dangers and risks)
Fashion (innovative)
day to day life (ADVENTUROUS)

Maybe that is why I have never had the urge to be crazy adventurous I have enough on a daily basis. Relaxing for me is my for me of the unknown and dangerous and that scares the crap out of me.

So the next time some asks you "are you adventurous" you can think outside the box.

August 18, 2011

new band

I just saw this band on Saturday! Love them!

August 17, 2011

what did you say...

So the cat is out of the bag and I have been trying to date again since mid July. I went out on a date with a guy that is a little more fluffy than I like. I told one of my very supportive friends (most are which is a good thing according to research the more supportive your love ones are the more successful the experience will be-example if they are not you don't pick good guys) She said "you have worked so hard on your body the past 2 years you deserve someone that is good to their body too". I never thought about it like that - I was thinking i was being picky but why settle for less than I deserve.

August 16, 2011


Last week the girls and I went to the cabin. They love the cabin and boat rides who knew!!! I just hoped that they didn't jump out.

August 15, 2011

new start???

Starting over…most people when there spouse dies they have a job, friends and their life set. They might have had a more difficult time with a loved one like they were sick and it was long and drawn out. That is the only thing that is a good out of this situation. It was quick and he did not suffer. Also I knew we have an extremely good relationship with nothing left unsaid. We even talked about when Joe died what I should do and etc.(besides my next husband should be rich) I think we both knew something was going to happen just not this soon or this way. I’m not sharing with the world how he thought it would happen it is kind of funny but embarrassing and I might get struck by lighting if I say anything.

My is point of my rambling is…most people have 50 to 85% of there life still intacted after a death. They may not know that at the time but they do. I have 20% left. I have to start all over in every aspect of my life but family and a couple friends. I would like to get out and do things again like I use to. It just really hit me hard this Saturday I really missed my old life. It is just hard to start a new one but I believe one day it will all come together.

August 9, 2011


Yesterday my acupuncturist said I was deeply tired. She always thought I was just lacking sleep tired before because of everything going on in my life but now that somethings have settled down she said I'm just tired of things. That would explain why my sparkle is gone again too.

examples of what I mean.
I'm tired of being criticized, making people happy, doing that other want, working on my resume, getting up at 5 with the dogs, Minnesota, and so on. Which totally makes sense to me. Think about this. The times I have been happiest is when I have gone out to LA for Joe's court stuff. Something I wanted to do for myself. You would think that would be stressful and make me tired of going out for it. However I didn't have to make anyone happy, was not criticized and etc.

She said to fix this I need to start doing things for myself again.

That being said...I'm taking the dogs to the cabin :)

August 5, 2011


Yesterday I went to St. Paul - not my favorite city I always get lost there and i just dont' like it...

I got a ticket for parking where i was not suppose to but the sign said between certain hours and it wasn't in between those hours. Also for insecure/illegible/obstructed plates or tabs. REALLY my plates look no different than any one else.

Another reason to not like St. Paul!

Thank god I have other things in my life to worry about and have been really busy again. (why the lack of blogs)

August 1, 2011

Minnesota nice

So I finally figured out the meaning of Minnesota nice – Sunday I had a conversation with someone who shed light on to it. Transplants living in Minnesota making fun of them made up Minnesota nice. Before you get all up in arms it is basically people that were born and raised in the twin cities area. For some reason anyone born north of clouquet doesn’t fit into the “Minnesota nice” category they are actually nice and want to met and talk to people.

He also get freaked out when traveling out of state and people are actually nice and what to talk to you. I have many stories to back up my claim…this past April when I was on my trip; there was an REI group that was basically following up around everywhere we went. Our group talked to them and found out they too had Minnesotans (twin cities) in their group. Oh that was the wrong thing to say they then ignored me whenever they saw me. Normal people would bond over that, right?

The other claim was when I just started working at Fingerhut. I was actually told by what I thought was a friend of a couple month – at least we went to lunch everyday and talked about everything – I asked her to do something like a movie or what ever on the weekend and she said “ I have enough friends I have so many that I can’t see them all now some I have had since grade school” Really??? You haven’t evolved as a person since grade school and what about your college friends?

I am glad to finally found someone that agrees with me that Minneapolis is good but the people not so much. This also got me to thinking I don’t have any associations with actual born and raised twin cities people… All transplants!