June 29, 2011


Marco Antonio Valencia was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison Tuesday in San Fernando Superior Court for a second-degree murder conviction in connection with the July 2009 crash on a remote stretch of Bouquet Canyon Road.

A jury also found Valencia guilty of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, leaving the scene of an accident and causing great bodily injury.


The girls are at camp grandpa and grandma...the house is so quite and I actually looked for them in the bed. On the other hand I have gotten a lot of stuff done.

June 27, 2011


Last week the eastern European 40 year old that is engaged to a 32 year old guy told me I have sexy legs.
My trainer called me goofy and my acuputurist called me cute as I was putting my feet in front of the heater on a June day.

I guess that covers most of the bases of compliments...

June 17, 2011


Foxy and Ana found this on you tube. Now they want to go to Germany and drive around. Only in Europe.

June 16, 2011


This is a funny...

June 15, 2011


Is anyone else sick of this weather? A couple people have asked me if I'm moving back to LA...well with the past winter, this crappy spring and what summer...wouldn't you want to move back to LA too?

Not to mention the girls or Ana - when it rains she doesn't want to go outside. So I give her permission to go do her stuff in the house...well she doesn't when it rains, and give me that look like I'm not suppose to go in the house. Any other day of the week she goes in the house though.

Foxy only goes out in the rain because she is use to it from Brussels. I think she figured out that it rains there all the time.

Stay dry today!

June 14, 2011


When I was in LA at the end of May - I went to the Getty Center. It was wonderful I don't know why I never made it there before. I would highly suggest it.

A view of the gardens from up at the center

Self portrait


The entrance of the getty center

June 13, 2011

my garden

It was been a year since I had my garden put in. I thought I would share some photos from it now. The flowers really had spread out nicely and everyone that walks by and my neighbors all have commented on how nice it looks.

Right now there is alot of purple flowers - in the spring it was yellow flowers with my white orchids.

June 9, 2011

caught up

So I'm almost caught up from being in LA for 5 days. however let me share my battery stories with you. As in how many batteries can be dead at the same time.

My car battery needs to be replaced but haven't done it yet - my Lexus battery was dead and had to be jumped while the key fob's batteries were dead. I googled how to change them and came across a very helpful you tube video. Then I went to mow my lawn and the lawn mower battery was dead and need to be replaced. Then I realized I unplugged my cordless phone which lead to a dead battery. this was all in a 3 day period. It was enough to drive me insane :)

The other weird thing is I just bought some new degree clinical strength deodorant and it says to put it on at night. Which is good I guess so you don't get white spots on your clothes...but it is a little weird.

June 6, 2011

glee Concert.

Wednesday I went to the Glee Concert! It was good and my seats were awesome!

June 1, 2011

a thought

This last trip to LA I think I finally pinpointed why I'm not happy in Minneapolis - besides the family thing.

I like other cities and living there because they treat me well. Meaning like I am a person, they see me and hear me. In Minnesota I feel left out, invisible and like i don't matter. It doesn't even matter if I'm dressed up or just roll out of bed it is the same feeling.

Examples: the valets guys at the hotel. Yes it is there job to get my car however the talked to me, asked me about my day, where I was going what I was going to do and on and on. I watched them one day and they didn't do that to all the other guest. I don't even want to tell you the service I got when I was all dressed up.

I went to the camera store in LA again to get a new lens cap - the guy remembered me from the last time I was there...Here when I go to the camera store I get attitude and have spent lot of money there and no hello - I remember you - just what do you want after I flag someone down that is ignoring me.

I think I could handle this place when Joe was here cause they saw him and noticed him here and it wasn't so bad then.

I'm still not sure where the whole Minnesota nice thing came from...I think it is when people know people already or something. Kind like when I first moved back here and was at fingerhut. A co-worker told me I don't have time for new friends I barely have time for my high school friends. REALLY!!