September 26, 2011


Late post...last friday I meant to do this but oh well...this is the equator line and last friday the sun was directly over this spot in Equador. You have no shadow for a couple minutes when this happens. Also if you stand directly on the line the way the gravity works there is you are 2kilograms lighter. This photo was taken by the photographer that was on the trip with us.

I know you are all love my zip off pants.

September 20, 2011

this is for what?

This is my mess of keys. I have Joe's parents cabin keys, the van keys to the moving guys in belgium, Joe's office keys to the office in LA and I found one key to his bronco that we sold before we went to Belgium.

The sad part is I didn't get rid of any of them...I still have this mess in my cabinet.

September 16, 2011


I finally have my resume done! I got an offer yesterday that I think I will turn down and a lead on my old job at fingerhut.

Now do I want to go back to my old stressful life or do I want to totally start over here or somewhere else??? Do I want comfort of what I know or to experience something new and exciting???

September 14, 2011


next best thing to my seoul mate...I know some of you are smiling right now.
This was a present from Tiff & Scott-thanks guys

September 13, 2011


I decided I'm going on another photo trip in November...I really want to go to LA for some reason but I found this description of the photographer leading the trip.

inspired by legendary photojournalist Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lucas Gilman has traveled across the globe searching for the decisive moments that make his photos so unique. Gilman is Ansel Adams crossed with Vin Diesel; he shoots stunning scenic shots with a splash of action. With clients like National Geographic and the New York Times.

No comment from me on the Vin Diesel part :)

September 12, 2011


Eight years ago many of you were with me on a perfect night in Minneapolis. Eight years ago there was a celebration with blue champagne. Eight years ago I thought I would have had my best friend by my side forever.

September 11, 2011

I didn't know

I wasn't going to blog on this 10th annivsery of 9/11 - because I thought there would be enough stuff on it. Then I thought I would post this email I got from meet up - it is a group that I found last August when I was fed up with being home all the time. I have done fun things with them and next spring/summer plan on joining the paddle board club. I have a special spot for NYC which you all know but never knew about this connection.

Fellow Meetuppers,

I don't write to our whole community often, but this week is
special because it's the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and many
people don't know that Meetup is a 9/11 baby.

Let me tell you the Meetup story. I was living a couple miles
from the Twin Towers, and I was the kind of person who thought
local community doesn't matter much if we've got the internet
and tv. The only time I thought about my neighbors was when I
hoped they wouldn't bother me.

When the towers fell, I found myself talking to more neighbors
in the days after 9/11 than ever before. People said hello to
neighbors (next-door and across the city) who they'd normally
ignore. People were looking after each other, helping each
other, and meeting up with each other. You know, being

A lot of people were thinking that maybe 9/11 could bring
people together in a lasting way. So the idea for Meetup was
born: Could we use the internet to get off the internet -- and
grow local communities?

We didn't know if it would work. Most people thought it was a
crazy idea -- especially because terrorism is designed to make
people distrust one another.

A small team came together, and we launched Meetup 9 months
after 9/11.

Today, almost 10 years and 10 million Meetuppers later, it's
working. Every day, thousands of Meetups happen. Moms Meetups,
Small Business Meetups, Fitness Meetups... a wild variety of
100,000 Meetup Groups with not much in common -- except one

Every Meetup starts with people simply saying hello to
neighbors. And what often happens next is still amazing to me.
They grow businesses and bands together, they teach and
motivate each other, they babysit each other's kids and find
other ways to work together. They have fun and find solace
together. They make friends and form powerful community. It's
powerful stuff.

It's a wonderful revolution in local community, and it's thanks
to everyone who shows up.

Meetups aren't about 9/11, but they may not be happening if it
weren't for 9/11.

9/11 didn't make us too scared to go outside or talk to
strangers. 9/11 didn't rip us apart. No, we're building new
community together!!!!

The towers fell, but we rise up. And we're just getting started
with these Meetups.

September 9, 2011


Yesterday I had a good session. I tried cupping?? she rubbed a glass cup thing (suctioned) on my back it felt weird but after and still today is feels good. It is for circulation - the down side I have little hickeys on my back from the suction.

Also I don't recommend sneezing when you stomach is full of needles. Oh that hurts!

September 8, 2011


Sunday night I thought it would be good to have some family from out of town over for pizza...well somehow Jodi and another one of my friends polished off most of these bottles wine after the pizza.

September 7, 2011


I have always wondered about these shoes. I know people that have them and like them however with my small feet I never thought I could have them. I found a store that had them in kids sizes (usually kids don't fit me).

It takes a little while to get my toes into the right spot off. I used them to walk the girls yesterday and the felt good. I will keep you post as to how it works out then I exercise with them on.

September 3, 2011

nice though

You are going to change anyway over time so make it the way you want.

I couldn't say it any better myself - that was a quote I found on cameron alborzian website.

September 2, 2011


Yesterday I was all dressed up and had makeup on for a funeral I went to, so afterwards I decided to get my passport photos taken since it expires in feb. They look so much better than my ones 10 years ago. It might have been the camera cause I look totally round face and fluffy. So much so that people customs agents and embassy workers have not believe that it was me - some even commented that I lost a lot of weight. That is how bad it was :)

You know when I said partners push us... I would never would have had that passport if Joe and I were not thinking of going to paris for the tour de france when we were dating. We never did go but my first stamp in it was from our honeymoon in Aruba. Not to mention every stamp after that until he died was with him.

It is sad that it is expiring, it is just another thing I have to start over with.

September 1, 2011


Yesterday some how my quiet day at the gym turnout crazy. After Pilates I hung out with my friend Anna from brazil. We did stair master and treadmill. As you know Anna is a little out there. She had on a see through yellow t-shirt on and no bra - she has enhanced top half. Oh the stares we got.

Then we saw this girl that has an eating issue - she is skinner than me if you can believe that - her stomach it totally swollen that is how I know she is not just like me. Any way Anna knew her and then when i was leaving she was parked next to me and we talked or she talked to me I should say. She was actually question my eating habits and the last time I was at the doc. She said she is working on nutrition and gaining weight - which is a load of crap because she does hours and hours on the treadmill and elliptical. That does not get muscle that make you lose weight.

Then I ran into her at whole foods and she was totally looking in my cart. I however could not see in her basket.