July 31, 2009

day 20

yesterday I wrote out most of my thank you notes.  My hand has a cramp in it hopefully it goes away so I can finish them tomorrow.  

The guy that hit Joe was in court on Wednesday and the next hearing is set for August 18th and I'm planning on attending that hearing.  

I'm also planing on hitting the gym today (Friday) as strange as it sounds the couple times I attended my classes after the accident I felt really good.  Except now I can't help but think Joe is watching my do the classes and laughing at me.  

Have a good weekend everyone. We were suppose to go to Vegas this weekend but I'm not driving across the desert by myself and flights were expensive.  Hope you are having a good 40th b-day weekend Jilaine. 

July 29, 2009

day 19

Home sweet home for now any way. I'm typing this Wednesday to post Thursday but I can tell you I can't wait to sleep in my own bed.    

My flight home was rather interesting on Wednesday.  You know that saying "the universe is works in strange ways" or something like that.  Well I was sitting next to a  lady that had a bunch of paper work that was all air plane manufacturing warranty stuff.  I asked her if she was in manufacturing and then we chatted about what she did then I said my husband use to work in the say field.  Then it lead to me telling a strange what just happened in my life,  trying not to get emotional about it.  

Here is the universe part...her first husband died of cancer when she was 21 her second husband died when she was 48 she is on her third husband.  What are the chances of sitting next to someone that has lost two of her husbands.  The second husband was a bike rider too and we chatted about all the bike and equipment they have.  Then I asked her if she was at the Paris airshow this last June, and she was.  So I'm sure that at some point her and Joe crossed paths. She was very helpful in telling what she went though, what other documents I need to sell the possessions that are in Joe's name and we discussed probate attorneys.  I guess even if you have a will you need a trust too.  Mark that down on your list or else your loved ones will need to get an attorney to do a trust. 

She also mentioned what happened to her friends after a couple month went by...some where upset by the choices she was making and stopped talking to her others didn't invite her placed because it was all couple going and she wasn't a couple anymore.  She finally just moved to a new town (from colorado to california) and started over.  

I know most of you think I'm strong and can't believe I'm blogging but here is an example that I'm not all together.  

After I got my luggage I ran out to catch the bus to Van Nuys where my friend was meeting me, as I was getting on the bus I realized I forgot my other suitcase in the terminal.  Of course it was the small carry-on one not the huge one.  I ran back in with my huge suitcase, my purse and a dog.  Thank God it was still there where I left it.  It only contained all my legal paper work, the cards from the service and my wedding ring...I would have been really in shock if i lost all that.  

I got back to the bus and the driver was starting to leave and I must have looked really upset or scared cause he stopped and let me on.  


day 18

Let's just say tuesday was filled with phone calls. I talked to so many lawyers, but the one that surprised me was I got a call from the DA that is in charge of Joe's case in LA. He said that on Wednesday he (marco valencia) will be arraned (spelling). Then he asked if I will be there, no because I'm flying back to LA. I guess he is pleading not gulity and the trial will start in 4-6 months. That is the time I think I would like to be there for one day any way.

I also have an appointment with the social security office in LA next week...but again we get screwed because we don't have any kids. I think I have to wait till I'm retirement age to collect his social security.

I did have a very quick chat with Joe at the cemetery...it was quick cause I think he is moved over in plot 4 not 5 but I didn't have a tape measure to check it out. Lakewood say's he is in the right spot but I'm not sure. Yeah can I have any more problems???

So as you are reading this on wednesday I'm either getting ready, getting on or getting off the plane. I also got upgraded again to first class...thank god there is still some little pleasures in my life.

July 28, 2009

day 17

Just an average day as for stuff to do...Went to the bank to check to see what was in our safe deposit box. I did forget we had the title to the Harely Davidson in there though. Then I put all the cash and checks for Joe's memorial in the bank and explained to the man that my name is differnt than some of the checks that I have and had my marriage certificate to show why they made some of the check out they way they did...his response "oh did you just get married" to which I replyed "no he just died".

I also wanted to get some stamps before I went back to LA but the selection they had at the post office in Edina was terrible, I guess I will just spend a hour or two waiting in line to get some good ones in LA. Remeber to check out the stamps when I send your thank you's to see what I picked.

My lawyer also went to court to get me appointed exc. of Joe's estates. Note to everyone make a will today.

Before I went to my doctors appointment I took a call from Joe's mom...I should have just let it go to voice mail. for the most part I can handle my husband dying but I can't handle talking to her right now. The sad thing is that I really regreat now not following up on finding his birth parents. It is sad that he thought of my parents more as his parents than his then his own.

Sorry if I'm not my cheerful self she really made me bitter today. Wednesday I go home so thursday I should be all better.

July 27, 2009

Day 14, 15 &16

I would like to thank everyone for attending Joe's service and for all your kind words of support. If i do say so myself it was a good service and recepction afterwards.

After the reception I know some of you went to the bar and I hope you had a good time. I went with all my girlfriends and Parker (my nephew) to see the movie "G Force" in 3D, you know the guinea pig movie. Nothing like guinea pig to make you smile.

Saturday not to much much went on, I went to Joe's parents house to wrap up some business them took Foxy to the vet to get her paper work to fly back to LA. The best part of the day was a huge group lunch of my friends and family before they left to go back home.

Sunday was the first day since the accident that I didn't have a single thing to do when I woke up and I did just that nothing.

Hope you all enoyed you weekend.

I will get photos uploaded when I get back to LA. right now I'm lucky I have my mom's cousins lap top to blog on.

July 23, 2009

Day 13

Today I got the service finalized and showed my friends the spot that I picked out to bury Joe at. I'm going to get some rest now because tomorrow is the big day.

See some of you tomorrow.

July 22, 2009

Day 12

I would like to share an email that came through from the bike club. It sounds like some of the guys are having a rough time with this crash. I just ask that you think of them and prayer them too at this time. I know if Joe was still alive and witnessed this he would still be shaken up and I can honestly say I don't know if I would let him ride again for a while. Thanks, Jill

I would just like to insure that everyone understands that we are all hear to help each other get past the horrific crash that recently occurred. You cannot heal by self blame. There was nothing that anyone could do to prevent this accident. An on coming car entered our lane. Those are the facts. There is nothing at the time of the accident that you as a cyclist could have done differently besides not showing up that morning of the ride to prevent it or avoid it. If you need someone to talk to just give me or any other club member a call. We need to heal together isolating yourself or blaming yourself is not the way to get by this tragedy or what I should really say is crime. Survivors guilt can be very debilitating please call.

July 21, 2009

Day 11

Today is a strange day in many ways.  It was exactly 3 years ago today the Joe, Foxy and I started out on our Belgium adventure.  It is also Belgian National day today too. (July 21) You know I will always have a place in my heart for that crazy little country.  

Again I'm getting on a plane once again but this time I carry my husband in a green velvet bag to bring him back to where this all started.  The good news out of this is I got upgraded to first class, the bad news is I have Foxy and she goes under my seat...I might have to put Joe in the overhead bins.  I'm sure he is going to love that... 

For those who don't know the service will be held at 
Lakewood Cemetery Chapel-Minneapolis, MN
July 24 @ 2:00 pm 

July 20, 2009

Day 10

Today I  accomplished quite a bit, got my suitcase packed,  almost got the reception after the service complete.  Got the programs ready after some last minute changes. Picked up my dress from the cleaners. Made appointments at the cemetery to pick out the spot to bury Joe and also a meeting to discuss the service with the minister.  Let not forget my last minute doctors appointment before I start paying for it myself. 

I did call the funeral home at 1:30 to see if Joe's ashes where there yet.  Not sure if they forgot to get him back or not but she had to call and see when he would be released then told me he would be ready in an hour and half.  Then I went and picked up my husbands ashes.  He came in an airline approved container which was placed in a pretty green velvet bag.  He also is a lot heavier than I thought he would be.  

Also need to go to the store to get some food for the house sitter.  I really haven't cleaned that much Jaime and the volume is still off on the TV.  

Also Happy Birthday Dad!  

Day 7, 8 & 9

The last couple days have been a blur here is a quick recap.

Friday my dad and brother left to drive one of our cars back to Minneapolis so I have a car there later this week.  I went to my favorite class at the gym and was greeted with lots of hugs and support. (took it easy since I have only been eating liquids)  Then I made a lot of calls to see if I could finalize the service and etc.  Brought Foxy to the vet to get her check up and paper work so she can fly home with me.  She can go to the service now in Minneapolis as long as she is in her carry bag and the attendant doesn't see her.  So everyone has to help hide her.  

Saturday running errands to get photos printed,  making travel arrangements to go to MPLS, picking up and dropping off dry cleaning and finally got the service set. 

Sunday I only left the house to get take-out dinner.  It was a big day for getting lots and lots of things crossed off my list. However getting the program together almost did me in, thanks to Kate for saving the day or the night I should say.  
I also got the obit written and submitted to the paper-I was in shock at how much they cost. 

Sad things I had to cancel:
Weekend in Vegas with Jilaine and Mel on the 31st
I gave away my tickets to Faragot North to a friends daughter and she had a blast! 
Cancelled our wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii 

Monday I pick up Joe's ashes,


July 17, 2009

Day 6

In Memory of Joe 

Before you start to read today's blog I highly suggest you get some tissues. 

I had the first of two memorial services for Joe today.. I really didn't know how many people to expect maybe 30? When Jaime one of the speakers showed up and said 50 people from WF and I knew most of the bike club was coming I started to wonder if we had a big enough space. I was just amazed with over 100 people showing up. Remember we just moved here 7 months ago and Joe just started to ride with these guys a couple months ago. Not to mention I have not met any of the bike club or his co workers.

Before and after the service almost everyone shared stories and I did have many people that that really touched me and I will give you a brief summary.

A teenage daughter of an employee at WF said she liked that since Joe started to work here her mom is in a good mood when she comes home from work.

A woman that 3 years ago her husband was hit by a drunk driver on a Saturday afternoon while he was riding his bike too.

A rider in the group Joe was with said I'm always at the end it should have been me. He was sobbing so hard and was felt so guilty that it wasn't him. I just told him it wasn't his time to go. (they rotate taking turns leading the group of riders and he just stays in the back but on Saturday he did the rotation)

A man that live a couple blocks away who is 43 and has a wife named Jill told me that I will get through this and the reason he know this is that 7 years ago he ran over his daughter and killed her.

Lastly I ask a man named Bob to speak at the service. He called me on Sunday to say he was with Joe when he took his last breath. He also said that he looked at peace when he passed.

After the service some of the bike club team members and my family drove out to accident site to put up a cross. They are also planning to add a plaque and a ghost rider bike and the same spot. (a bike painted white)

Did I ever mention that Bob is the set designer for Desperate Housewife's. That the carpenter for the show made and painted the cross. For a man that never watched tv until he met me sure found the right friend.

After the cross we went to the mortuary to sign the final papers. My husband will be cremated on Friday. If all goes well I will have the ashes on Monday afternoon.

Here are some photos from the day.

Thank you all again for calls. I'm hanging in there.

photos, flanders flag, tour de france scarf and a metal bike 

My mom and Foxy waiting for the service-yup Foxy go to go everywhere thursday.  She can't go to the service in Minneapolis though.  

The cross with one of Joe's water bottles I found there. 

Some of the guys looking at the accident site

More of the people looking and reflecting

A moment of silence 

The group of guys that were riding along Joe. Bob (orange shirt)  was in the pack behind them. 

July 16, 2009

day 5

Busy day I had today again. Brought Joe's shoes and belt to the funeral home, yes I forgot to bring them the first time. Can you imagine Joe running around Heaven with no belt or shoes I would for sure be haunted.

Then I went to the church talked about putting the finishing touches on his memorial service here for the coworkers and bike club. Yes I'm trying to organize 2 services and I don't know when the one in Minneapolis will be yet. Waiting on see when he will be cremated for sure.

Then we drove to the LA Coroners Office to pick up his personal belongings. I got 2 bike inter-tubes, his riding glasses some gadget that was on his bike and his wedding ring. Which is the way I i.d. him over the phone if you can believe that. The very very ironic twist to this is that a couple weeks ago I asked Joe if we could go to the Coroners office and take a tour. Yes for some reason this is a tour attraction in LA. The other strange thing is that when I was waiting to be called into a room to get the belongings I notice the gift shop. It was discrete but inside (yes that could be wrong that I did go inside I just wanted to see what was in there) was all coroners merchandise. I would have been a much better place to see if I didn't actually have to be there. They did give me a free pen. One more funny thing the lady started writing me a check for $9.00 and I was like why are you writing me a check? her responce was "he had $9.00 on him when he came in and we don't keep cash here" Like I was suppose to know that.

Then since my Parents and my brother haven't seen anything in LA, it was only a hop, skip and a jump over to the Hollywood walk of fame and to see the Hollywood sign. Then we had dinner at In-N-Out.

There are moments when I tear up then there are the things that are so strange or screwed up with this accident that all I can do is laugh or else I would just be crying all the time.

Here is the link to the local paper that has more stories click here 

So that was my day on Wednesday - tomorrow is another big day.

Kids playing in the fountain at Hollywood and Highland area

Christina Agulara (spelling of the last name?) was filming something when we were there photo was taken from inside Sephora when I was buying water proof makeup. 

July 15, 2009

day 4

It was a busy day today running around. I just want to share some photos from the employee of Western Filter.

Beautiful Flowers filled Joe's office - along with lots of cards

Two huge poster boards full of stories and prays for the family

Just some of the cards I opened from the employees-each one filled with kind words about Joe (or should I say the whole inside filled) and not to mention some poems wrote about him. 

July 14, 2009


First I would like to thank everyone for there phone calls and emails yesterday.   You are all welcome to call and email anytime. 

Yesterday I went to the funeral home to sign papers to get Joe released from the LA corners office.  Hopefully soon I will have him soon.  My understanding is that with this guy being charged with murder they need to make sure that they can really have a good case against him.  

I also when to the CHP office and picked up just the face page of the accident  report that stated the man had no insurance, a suspended lic. and priors.  Also that Joe's pride and joy his eddy m. was completely destroyed.  

Still taking it a day at a time-as soon as I know more I will let you all know. 

July 12, 2009



I will be blogging on and off but this blog may take a different twist-blogging on what to do when your husband dies. He passed away on Saturday afternoon.  I love you Honey! 

From the local paper:
One local bicyclist was killed and two more injured Saturday when they were hit by an alleged drunken driver(at 11:30 am)  on Bouquet Canyon Road.

July 10, 2009

Foxy Friday

Foxy checking out our new koi fish for our fountain.  Who knew she liked koi fish. 

July 9, 2009

50 years!

Happy 50th anniversary Mom & Dad. (july 11th)

July 7, 2009

Hollywood bowl music

Here is a tribute they did to Michael Jackson at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday night.

the 4th

We spent the 4th of July at The Hollywood Bowl. We saw the LA philharmonic and John Fogerty. Highly recommend a concert at the bowl, it was a great night. 

Jodi & Joe at one of the 15 picnic spots at the bowl 

Waiting for the show to start.  (my shirt is puffy, I'm not gaining weight-I should have left my sweater on. If you go it does get nippy at night)

The LA phil playing

Fireworks with music

Grand Finale

July 6, 2009


The things I will not do for this blog! Like go to hollywood & highland to see MJ's star. If they had the showing or memorial at neverland ranch Jodi and I were going to go. Just to say we went not cause we are crazy fans. It was so nice to have Jodi here last week to do crazy stuff with.

Jodi & the "king of pop" 

Cards, flowers, balloons and many other tokens left by fans of Michael Jackson 

MJ's star

July 3, 2009

Foxy Friday

Have a great 4th weekend.  

July 1, 2009

Play Ball!

Wednesday we went to the Dodgers game. I was dreading the parking and traffic jams, however I was pleasantly surprised that we did not have problems with either. The only problem we had was some idiot was in one of our seats and didn't want to move. He finally left in the 6th inning and was had our excellent seats.

I'm also posting early because I still can't figure out why my post options are not working. 

Jodi in the parking lot with "think blue" in the back ground.

Here batter batter batter.

I believe this is Abigail Breslin from little miss sunshine and the new movie my sisters keeper. They were sitting a row in front of us. 
Dodgers Win!!!!!!


Since I got my new camera I have been getting tons of compliments on my photos and them wanting to know what kind of camera it is. (Anne, Jilaine, my parents and on and on) 

It is a Leica d-lux 4. Which Joe suggested I get. Before I went on looks or asking other friends but this time I let my hubby pick and it is wonderful. Thanks hubby!

Camera and Case