April 11, 2011

Trial update from Los Angeles

Jury selection finishes tomorrow. As soon as the jury is seated, the DA expects the trial to begin immediately. I expect to be one of the first witnesses on the stand.

April 7, 2011

vit c

About a month ago I got told I have acid reflux. So I have cut out OJ in the morning and my potato and leek soup. My problem now is how to get get Vit C in my diet. I can't swallow pills and the chewable ones I got from whole foods are so thick and sour that I don't really want to chew them (really I'm scared they are going to break my teeth).

The other day I found this powder called Alive that is all from fruits. I think I like it how ever it is a pain now every morning with my pro-biotic I mix in some juice, my vit d3 I drop into juice and now I have my vit. C

I have 2 glasses of mango juice with all my goodies mixed in. Why is being healthy so complicated?

April 6, 2011

last mins

The girls are like little kids - I can't get anything done unless they are sleeping. However I'm getting things done slowly.

Still on the girls...Ana even with most the snow gone on both side of the sidewalk in the back yard she still goes on the sidewalk. In her defense she does go on the grass on both sides and sniffs but them goes on the sidewalk. My crazy dog...she also had decided it is fun to lick me until I get up in the morning. The eye, in my ear, and across my forehead are her favorites.

April 4, 2011

good news & bad news

The good news is I was not ready in any way to leave yesterday. My hotel is $20 a night cheaper now. I get to stay with the girls a little longer. I get a couple more pilates classes in.

The Bad news I'm in limbo till late tonight as to what is going to happen. I'm in minnesota with this weather as compared to sunny LA. I'm missing the Pete Yorn concert. Mary Ann (Joe's adopted mom) is going to LA alone.

The problem you ask...they can not locate the coroner. They know where she lives but is not answering her phone and is not at home.

Last night as I was packing one bag and was celebrating that i was 5 pounds under weight, I noticed there was a fire truck and ambulance outside. I heard the sirens but just turned it out. Then I saw them wheel Dave out and Amy following (my neighbors). Dave has pancreatic cancer. I thought he was doing better cause he has been taking short walks.
I was so aborbed in my packing and drama I didn't notice what was going on around me. Which is not good.

This still goes to what I always say everyone has it worst then you...except for one day in my life I have had it worst than most people.

April 1, 2011

freaky friday

So I had a dream that they were trimming the tree along my house. I have been wanting them to trim them for ever and this year they have been doing all the streets around my house but mine.

Today I went to leave for the gym and they were trimming the trees!!!!!!! actually they were putting everyone branches in my driveway. I asked them to trim that big branch in front of my house that almost touched the sidewalk.

Anyway my trees are now all trim - that are the city's anyway.