April 30, 2010

happy friday

This weekend I'm going to try and stain my fence with Bob, Amy and Scott. If anyone wants to help your more than welcome too :)

April 29, 2010

spring time

Yesterday after Pilate's, acupuncture and walking the girls I noticed that the rose garden looked gorgeous. You know I'm not a big nature person.

I just couldn't resist the smell of the lilacs in the air and the colors of the flowers I had to go back and take some photos. I wish I could bottle the smell of lilac.

Enjoy these spring time photos. (if you click on the photo sometime that enlarges them)

Pretty in pink

I need to watch this bush or what ever it is for these flowers to bloom I think they will be amazing.
I love tulips!

All these tulips reminded me of Keuganhof (spelling) just outside of Amsterdam

I just thought this was a interesting photo so I added it.

This week in photo class we have to bring in 10 photos for him to look at. I will let you know how that goes. Is is all a matter of what people like and we all know I have a different taste than the normal Minnesotan.

April 28, 2010


Today Ana has acupuncture again. Hopefully the doc will tell me that she is doing a lot better. I also have my Pilate's class again.

I also have an new tv show that I'm watching - Glee not sure if anyone else watches it but I got hooked after the Madonna episode. Of course some of you know I was obsessed this past weekend watching "The Hills" and I know both Amy and Karen were going to have me committed if I didn't stop watching it. Well last night I DVR the the new show and I'm going to enjoy my guilty pleasure later today. It sucked me like a car accident or something that you know is bad but just can't help but to watch.

April 27, 2010

A good idea

Before Joe died I was a huge planner and always had my clothes out for a trip month in advance. Well with my mind be scattered these days I just can't get in the mood to plan. I have started to see what I need for my up coming trips and put them in the hanging organizer though.

I usually put everything in the spare room but I have guest coming before my trips so I couldn't put everything there - I got sick of the piles in the office so I put my hanging shelf thing on the rolling rack and have my trip stuff organized in it!

The clothes on the rack need to go to the tailor - that way I can see them and take care of them instead of being lost in my closet.

The perfect solution - according to me anyway

A close up of the hanging divider - the europe trip a scarf and noise cancelling head phone

April 26, 2010


Yesterday I went out with my photo class to take photos. Here are some of the ones I took. Too bad the day wasn't a little bit clearer out. These were all taken on Nicollet Island in Minneapolis except for the last city photo that was on the Broadway ave bridge.

"Drift wood"
Goose that I was afraid was going to attack me at any minute. Nobody else in the class took photos of it.
I'm not even going to tell you where this was or how I got in there...the people in my class are adventurous lets just say that.

April 23, 2010

my photo class

Here are some very entertaining photos from my class this week. This is what I'm doing instead of my group night, but I'm really trying to learn Joe's camera and this class is just as dysfunctional as some people in my group :)

Also everyone was shocked at how good Foxy was, I told them she was good.

my teacher-taken on manual function-but he told us the settings

my class...there is a little better photo but this one seamed fitting. The guy in the chair he kept calling "dad" and we were all the rest of the family. I think the girl in the shorts has a job that involes poles. Now she has a job working with the disabled in there homes. Also does not like dogs...because they smell and eat poo. I told her Foxy has no teeth and just had a bath she is ok.

Foxy the model...but he forgot his back drop set up so we had this very distracting one. I was all set to have a good shot of Foxy and I even brought a sparkly chocker for her but I wasn't going to put it on with her on this chair and backdrop.

Then my teacher saw foxy Jump and wanted to take shots of her.

April 22, 2010

day 286

Yesterday I got or we meaning my parents and I got my yard little more under control. The lawn is now mowed...however I can get the mower up the slight hill or up the stairs to the backyard. I can do the flat part by the road.

We also got some patches of my grass re-seeded and watered. Then got my lights outside working again.

April 20, 2010

day 284

Here are some new photos of the girls. I know they look the same as the others but this is on a different day. they really like to sit in the same spot.

Ana has started obedience class and her first day she learned how to lay down! I'm just a proud mom and wanted to share.

Napping in the sun shine

They are both protecting the backyard from squirrels

April 19, 2010

day 283

My photography class is downtown in a church...yes I know that sounds strange but I get free parking I'm not complaining. Any way the first class I got there early cause I didn't know I got to park at the church. Any way I found this gallery in the church with amazing paintings in it. They all reminded me of the european paintings - one was even painted in the 1500's.

Sorry for the bad photos they are taken with my phone, I didn't know if I was suppose to be in there so I didn't want to haul my camera there. Maybe later I can try and take some better photos.

April 17, 2010

day 281

I know that the Iceland volcano is a serious matter right now in the world...but I can just imagine if Joe, Foxy and I were traveling in Europe and this happened the vein on the side of Joe's head might have popped. That is how I always judged how stressed he was.

I just keep imagining this would have happened to us if we still lived there and all I can do is laugh and at the same time know the frustration these people are going through.

I'm seriously thinking about buying a train ticket now for part of my trip this summer just in case this volcano decides to do this again this summer not the UK would be a nice place to get stranded - that is if it ever clears up. I believe that if I was stranded over seas my mom might hire me a boat to get home so she doesn't have to watch the dogs a day longer.

April 16, 2010

day 280

I'm taking a photography class once a week to improve and to find out how to use Joe's camera, in prepration for my summer trip. Here are some shots from this past week...of course they are of my favorite subjects.

Can you tell I have lost some weight? I'm now 8 pounds...

Really mom we are not up to anything.

Hello anyone out there I can bark at?

My turn to look out

I'm not sure what is going on in this photo but they are two crazy dogs that is for sure

April 15, 2010

day 279

Do you ever just look up into the big blue sky and just stare? Or look for shapes in the clouds?

I alway wonder where people are going or where they are coming from when I see Planes flying over my back yard. Today I wondering if they have their taxes done and if they got a refund...

April 14, 2010

Sorry no blog today I need another day off...my to do list is out of control and dead lines are coming close. Not to mention new S#@* keeps coming up. :)

Just wondering when it all will end...

April 12, 2010

day 275

This morning at 4 I realized I didn't have a blog ready for today...

This weekend was a whirl wind of straightening and getting all the stuff that doesn't belong where it is all put a way. Also Saturday night I was watching hoarders...buried alive and decided to clean out my closet of my clothes. The sad thing is that most of them became "hoarders" after a love one died. So if any that comes over sees that I start "hoarding" please let me know.

I also now have a ton of room in my garage, I am minus 2 motorcycles. Todd and Jenn came and got Joe's Harley to get it tuned up so I can sell it. Thanks again guys!

One finally thing for the day.

GO TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 9, 2010

day 272

This weekend when my parents and I were cleaning up the yard I spotted this...We or I should say Joe did this when he was patching the cement around the house. It made me smile and hope it makes you smile today after all it is Friday!

April 8, 2010

day 271

Just imagine Joe's ashes rolling around in his urn as you read this one. Yesterday Ana had acupuncture! Yes you read that right she got needles stuck all over her.

I'm just amazed at this alternative medicine. She told me things about Ana that made sense just by listen to certain areas of her. For example she asked if she is always hot...yes she pants now just on the way to the lake and loved being outside in the winter. Well I guess she has no ying or what ever you want to call it left to make her cooler. Some how she used it all up. Then she asked some other questions which lead to her having mucus in her brain which comes from not being stimulated mentally. Other things too which comes from being stuck in a cage for 4 years and having babies then having them taken away from her.

She is now on some dried herbs, a liquid herb and some food I need to give her once a week. (chicken liver organic, black beans and a sardine one of these once a week)

She needs to go back for one more session of acupuncture and the doctor said she would like to treat her more with herbs and different food.

Below are some photos of her needles. She had more needles in her than I ever have, they were all over her body. She was very good about having them put in her too, then she got 2 shots of B12 one in her head the other in the bottom of her ear.

Hopefully after this I will have a new well adjusted dog :)

One needle in the top of Ana's head the other behind her left ear, the one in the right ear fell out.

One in her back the other on the left side...I know it is hard to see them all because she has such thick hair...that is why I thought she was always hot not that she lost her zen.

I will keep you posted on her progress.

April 7, 2010

day 270

I hope I didn't jump the gun but I put away my winter boots and jacket. I also moved down stairs my lighter weight jackets. I should also say I put away Foxy and Ana's jackets too.

Cleaning out my pockets I found all this stuff in the photo above. I guess the last time I wore that jacket was when I went to NYC.

April 6, 2010

day 269

Saturday I took my dad to the Twins Expo game at Target Field. Which was a total suprise to me that I got tickets...I just thought I got season tickets. As you can tell I'm only there cause we got a new stadium and want to make sure I got tickets this year, but I think it is one of the best things I have done in a while.

I wasn't sitting in my normal seats but I was in my section. Most of the people around us were also season ticket holders but they were all from different sections. ( like from the other side of the field)

Dad and I soaking up some rays

Bases Loaded!

Go Twins

April 5, 2010

Invasion of the peeps

Sunday we were invaded by yellow bunny peeps!

Peeps in the garden

Peeps on the fence - at least they could have stained it while they were hanging out there

Peeps swimming and tanning on and in the bird bath

Peeps looking out the doggie window

Peeps not watching out for cars!!!

OHHH no Ana!


April 1, 2010

day 264

Hi - sorry for the lack of blogs I have been very busy and no time or to tired to blog. Last night the girls were up till midnight barking at grandma then I tried to put them in the kitchen and they broke down the gate and came running back upstairs. There will be lots of naps in our house today.

It is going to be another warm on here!!! Tuesday night I had dinner outside - how awesome was that.

Happy April Fool's day!