September 30, 2009

day 81

In the US Joe had his bikes and I had my shoes and we never said a word about them to each other. In Europe I started my Louis V. collection and Joe started a liquor collection. Anytime we went to the grocery store I would be half done then he would show up with bottles of wine to add to the cart. We thought we were going to be there for 5 years so I knew he would have to start drinking the bottle around 3 years to have them all finished by the time we left. Not to mention any time we went to another country we got the local drink.

Today I found 3 bottle of Calvodos from Normandy. I'm not sure how he bought 3 bottle there with out me knowing, just so you all know that I will have to be having some dinner parties or tasting so you all can enjoy some of this liquor. I hope it all makes it back with out breaking. The Belgium movers packed these bottles very carefully knowing how special this collection was.

I can't wait for you to try some - You know that is why they are not opened yet Joe wanted to have them in Minneapolis for you guys to enjoy with us.

French Wines with the 10 years old Calvodos in the box

Some Havana drink in a box along with grapa, lemon cello and champagne. 

September 29, 2009

day 79

I'm at court today but I thought you should enjoy my last trip to In-n-out burger!   Yummy!

Mom are we are the drive thru?

Best Burger place ever! 

1 double double please - hold the tomatoes

What do you mean I don't get anything! 

September 28, 2009

Day 77 & 78

This weekend was a whirled wind of activity. Saturday Foxy and I went to a bank in the valley to get somethings taken care of and since we were out she mentioned that she has never been to "The Grove". So since this was my last chance to go before I leave I gave in to her big sad eyes.

We went to Nordstroms to get some lotion and I grabed the tested and told the very bubbly gay man that I would like a bottle of this. They however were out so, so a got a sample pack. As we were going to the register he said don't forget your lotion. I left the bottle on the counter cause I didn't want to tell him it wasn't mine and it was the tester. I paid for my goodies and left the store. Foxy and I got a little ways down the sidewalk and then the gay man can running after me with the tester bottle saying "you forgot your lotion". Oh crap after he ran out of the store and down the sidewalk I wasn't about to tell him it was the tester. I just smiled and said thanks and double timed it out of there.

The good news is the tester was brand new and full! It was still very crazy.

Here are some photos from the day.

Red Carpet for some movie that Lebron James was in and walked the carpet along with the guy who plays turtle in the HBO show Entourage.

The backside of the CBS studio's where Dancing with the stars, American Idol and Price is Right are filmed.  I wish Jilaine and I could have cut through the parking lot when we went to Dancing with the Stars we had to hike it blocks in heels. 

The Hollywood sign in the distance - view from the parking garage.  

September 25, 2009

day 76

I as most of you know live in LA. Also it is fire season and it never rains here right. Well I have 3 mushrooms growing in my backyard. How crazy is that.

I know I'm not working on my list I'm taking photos of the mushrooms in my yard. I'm going back to work now.

Mushroom in my yard

More mushrooms - it is almost like Brussels minus the weather and smurfs. 

September 24, 2009

Day 75

First I'm typing this Wednesday night and I just let Foxy outside before she goes to bed and it smells like there is a huge camp fire outside.  That smokey fire smells it is so strong I can't open my windows tonight not to mention I gaged when I was outside.  

So my strange week continues...I asked one of my lady friends to go to the movie "The September Issue" with me in Sherman Oaks.  Her plan was to take me to lunch then see the movie in Pasadena instead.  Well at lunch she told me she was not going to the movie with me she wanted to see another one instead.  So I went to the movie by myself...HELLO - I could have gone to Sherman Oaks to the movie by myself instead.  I did like the movie.  

I'm not sure what is going on but I hope the word Seriously is not going to be over used by me this week.   

September 23, 2009

day 74

yesterday was the first day of Fall and it was over 100 degrees here and I was loving it.  However it sparked a new fire by me which is not good because where the fires are is where the orange groves, avocado groves and lemon grove.  It is really sad to think all the years of growing the trees will be gone in seconds.  

Also I went to the pool in my landlords home owners association,  when a rent a cop came by and questioned me then kicked me out cause my landlord wasn't with me.  No seriously I wanted to chill out and make phone calls by the pool and this guy in his early 30's kicked me out.  I think it was discrimination because he felt inferior.  I had a nice car, my nice swimsuit on and my designer bag and like he has nothing better to do then kick me out.  Did I mention rent a cops drive around our town to "protect" us.  So he thought "protecting" the city was kicking my out of a pool that had  only one other person there.  Seriously!!!  

I still have 12 message blinking on my phone.  Oh did I also mention that Discover Card turned Joe's account over to a collection agency.  I have been paying the bill and everything no call from them or nothing just a nice letter from a lawyer say that they are a collection agency.  So I'm asking everyone to BOYCOTT Discover Card and everything linked to the company.  I have yet to call them and tell them that they are very inconsiderate and have told everyone I know to boycott them.  Hello - all the other cards Joe has have sent me my own card and I have taken over the account. What the heck!!    

September 22, 2009

day 73

Anyone want to tell Foxy she has to leave the sand for the snow? 

I'm having problems as to what to pack for 2 weeks.  I will be in LA for 4 day then my household goods arrive anywhere from the 5th - 11th.  With a 20 -30 degress difference between cities.  I think I need a coat in Minnesota and closed toed shoes I'm not ready for that.  

September 21, 2009

Day 71 & 72

This weekend I tried to tackle some organizing and packing, if you can believe it the movers come in a week.

I did get something crossed off on my list but I think I need an assistant even part time would help.  Foxy is not very good at making and returning phone calls.  
Francoise could I add one more thing to my list if possible.  Kerastase Aqua-Oleum you can get it at any salon carrying Kerastase...there is one next to the movie theater down from the pharmacy.  Merci Beau coup.  (if not that is fine I will be o.k. I need my conditioner more) 

September 18, 2009

day 70

Yesterday I went to the Ellen Show.  We had awesome seats but not on camera a lot which is o.k.  

This weekend I just plan on sorting stuff out and organizing before the movers come.  

Hope you all have a great weekend. 

September 17, 2009

day 69

Monday night I went to the advance showing of flash forward. I had seen the previews on TV and thought it looked interesting but didn't know if I would watch it. Then when I got and email  invitation to go to the screening I thought what the heck and invited my friend Teri.  Like I'm going to be invited to things like this once I'm in Minnesota. 

I'm glad I did it was good, but if you like mindless TV it isn't for you. It is a cross between Hero's and an lost. You have to think and they give you clues to put together. If Joe and I missed an episode of Hero's in Brussels we were usually really clueless as to what was going on. Not to mention when they were speaking Chinese the subtitles were in Flemish not English.

It took them 14 month to write the pilot, and they are planning on it to continue for 5 years, but don't worry in the first 13 episodes alot will be reveled they said. (just in case it doesn't go that long, they are still waiting for ABC to order 11 more to finish the season.) They stated when they pitched it to ABC they gave them there plan for the 5 years.

At the end of the show the actors came out and answered questions and then we filled out a questionnaire for ABC and we got a t-shirt. To my surprise they had a small - they only ordered small and medium shirts - only in LA.

Teri waiting in line to get in.  I just noticed my purse is wide open laying on the sidewalk  "hello".   Today Thursday Teri and I are off to the Ellen show it airs Friday look for us. 

The writer/creator David Goyer - he wrote Batman the Dark Knight - Erica I hope I got that right.  Erica was girl we met in line who is a huge fan of his.  She is the reason we were in the front row.  Yes I was taking photos of them when I was in the first row, I only took a couple. 

Dominic Monaghan of Lost and Lord of the Rings - John Cho of Harold and Kumar and Star Trek (the new movie) - Courtney B. Vance he was really funny

Brian O'Byrne - Christine Woods - can't remember his name - Peyton List - Zachary Knighton

Lastly enjoy the clip of the show it air September 24 before Grey's Anatomy.  One more thing the neighborhood they show in the beginning (where it takes place) I thought was Stevenson Ranch and I'm not the only one Teri thought it was too and the Host from Entertainment Weekly asked it if was Stevenson Ranch.  Even though they say it isn't I think it is.  Just another show that films in my town.  Now you can picture what my hood looks like. 

Also the note she leaves for her husband is something I would do for Joe - it was there way of saying "I love You" 

September 16, 2009

day 68

Last Thursday I took my parents on a tour of Warner Brother studio. O.K. it was on my list of things to do for I leave on Oct. 4th. They are my last visitors here so I had to get in as many studios and taping while they were here.

The bar/dinner from "first blood"

The office for the writers of Cold Case

A motorcycle that would be fun to ride - if I rode motorcycles - I have two for sale

On the cafe set from Friends - my bags under my eyes are so bad I wish I could wear my sunglass all the time.  

Central Perk Cafe from Friends

The bungalow at the end of the street is George Clooney's office-which I took secretly because there was suppose to be no photos outside of the building we were in.  

Mom & I with Bugs bunny

September 15, 2009

day 67

For my annivesary present this year I told Joe I wanted to attend the Animal Acres Gala (yes along with the Haiwii trip) he agreed that he would go with me. I went this weekend with my parents and we had fun. Of course I didn't tell my dad everything about what we were going to. On the drive down to the gala my dad read the menu on the confirmation sheet and it stated "VEGAN" dinner. My dad thought he was going to this fancy country club in the Pacific Palisades for a steak dinner. After explaining to him that this place rescues farm animals and helps with the crultiy of farm animals that eating a steak at the gala would kind of be a problem.

It was a fun night even if alot of the celebrities did not show because of the last minute date change - that really didn't bother me I more upset it wasn't on the farm with the animals. (they are still evecuated because of the fires)

I didn't win any of my silent auction items but my dad got a autograph of Kenny Rogers and a t-shirt. I was bidding on a trip to NYC with vip seats at Regis & Kelly and VIP tickets to see the taping of The Big Bang Theroy which I already had vip seat to Regis & Kelly and Thursday saw the case of the Big Bang Theroy on the warner brother tour - but it was for the animals benefit more than another trip to NYC.

Here are some photos from the night. 

Tip Jar for the Valet parking 

The photographers gathering around the "green" carpet

Emily Deschanel from the Fox show "Bones" she was actually One table away

Vegan Desserts

I finally got a goodie bag at a gala - it was mostly stuff for Foxy

Ed Begley Jr. 

Joely Fisher - she actually knew about the change of venue but nobody told her about the date change and she showed up last week for the gala.  

September 14, 2009

day 66

On Wednesday last week my parents and I got a private tour of the Desperate Housewives set via a golf cart.  Many of you know that when Joe took his last breath Bob was at his side praying for him.  

Our Ride

Susan's Kitchen (aka Teri Hatcher) 

Susan's house - all these flowers are fake

Gabby's wedding photo on the wall going upstairs (aka Eva Longria-Parker)

Gabby & Carlos' living room - the couch is really comfy 

This photo was on the mantle in Lanette's house - next to it was a photo of Bob and his friends.

Us on the porch of Gabby's house - the sun was  only in the right spot to take photos on Gabby's front lawn the rest were all shady or the sun was in the way.

Detour by the pyhcho house

Part of the war of the world set

If you come to visit me this place has vacancy's 

September 12, 2009

day 64

Happy Anniversary Honey! 

September 11, 2009

day 63

A couple things about today...
First remember 9/11
second has been 2  month since Joe died and tomorrow would have been our 6th anniversary

Here is a copy of the flyer's for the ride on Oct 3 for Joe. They put the logo over Foxy how rude! 

September 10, 2009

day 62

They named one of the conference rooms at Western Filter "The Joe Novotny" room.  I thought that it need a photo for the vistors that had no idea who he was, so I had a 5x7 print made and put it in a nice wood frame.  It now is hanging in the room for everyone to see.  

September 9, 2009

day 61

Today we meaning Joe and my parents were suppose to be on a plane to Hawaii to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary.  

September 8, 2009

Day 56, 57, 58, 59, & 60

Friday my parents and I attend the taping of "Two and 1/2 men" .  It was fun and we had great seats in the VIP section all the other people that had tickets got seated in rows 5 & 6 where you can't see the set at all you just have to watch the tv monitors when you are up that high.  

We also started to pack up somethings that they are planning on taking back with them in a carry on.  It would be hard for me to take more than one carry on with Foxy, not to mention I'm not sure how I would be able to carry or roll everything.  

I'm not sure what else we have done over the past days it is all a blur kind of like the month of August is anyone else surprised that it is 8th of September??  

September 4, 2009

Day 55

Wednesday night I went to the grief share group again.  It was what I call "show n tell" night but i think they call it memorial night.  It was good there was still some comments that made me uncomfortable but it was good to hear everyone stories about there loved ones.  

It was funny last week only one person talked to me everyone else just stared at me, last night when the people learned about why I was there a couple ladies came up to me and talked afterwards - I some times really hate that people judge me just because I look young.  Kind of like in Brussels at the women's club most of the women thought I was in my 20's and didn't want to deal with me because they didn't think they would have anything in common with me. Oh well there loss.  

Gala update most of you know because of the fires the animal acres gala has been rescheduled and move to Sept. 12 to a very nice place in Pacific Palisades. This is very bad to say but I hope the celebrities could change there schedule to make it since the date is moved, but on the other hand I'm kind of happy it got moved to the 12th because that would or still is my wedding anniversary it would have been 6 years.  So this will be a great thing to do on my anniversary.  I just wish the animals would have been able to attend.  (I really don't think I need to mention that I would have really enjoyed going to this with Joe - I'm assuming that is a given)  

September 3, 2009

Day 54

Fire update - the fire is still moving and the sky is still smoky and grey.  The ash actually was falling from the sky the other day like a light snow fall.  The fire is not growing so much in the north end (which is by me)  it is still going away from here but if the winds change or even worst the Santa Ana winds kick in the fire will head for Santa Clarita.  Not to mention this will go on till the 15th now according to the officials.   

Tuesday Jilaine and I went to the taping of Rule of Engagement.  It was good and we got pizza again which was really good considering you spend 6 hours there.  

Wednesday I got Jilaine off to the airport in the morning then I got a couple email quotes about the work that needs to be done on the house.  Now I know why Joe never wanted to have the floor sanded-it is expensive but they will look good and it needs to be done.  I want to change the color of the floor from a honey color to a American Walnut color.  My mom however thinks you will see dust balls more...but I think it will look good with our wood trim windows and the pillars.  Not to mention Foxy's fur balls are blk so you will not see them that much not like Yenta's golden fur that was everywhere.  

Today (thursday) I off to the airport again to pick up my parents.  

September 2, 2009

day 53

Got home late from the taping of Rules of Engagment will blog more later. 

September 1, 2009

Day 52

Yesterday I awoke to the smell of smoke and later the winds picked up and the smoke changed directions.  They have set a a second headquarters for police/firefighter in Santa Clarita so that is a good sign that it might not come this way but on the other hand it is bad cause that means the fires are close enough to have a second base camp.   

Then Jilaine and I went to Pizzeria Mozza for a yummy lunch - I tried fried squash blossoms, they were deep fried with cheese in the middle.  They were really yummy. 

Along the day I made phone calls to get appointments set up for sanding my floors and getting my  house (inside) repainted.  I got an email from the rental company saying the people finally moved out and the house is a mess and there is some damage.  My friend Bob is going to check it out tomorrow when the guys are there to give me quotes.  I hope it really isn't bad and they are just exaggerating.